The Ninja

The Ninja


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  • Perfect to kick-start things!
  • 3 hours intensive support to help you quickly move to a position of finding solutions
  • We will quickly go through 3 phases:
    • A sounding board / challenge & build session to clearly define your objective(s)
    • Brainstorming possible action oriented solutions / ideas
    • Getting hands on – working out how to implement some of these ideas the same day!
  • It’s fast paced and to the point
  • Your choice of 1 on 1 time via phone, Skype, or at your office

Contact us about

  • Our customised workshops!
  • The Mr-Innovation Supreme Support – where we work with you on your key breakthrough innovation project as one of the team.


The fine print:

  • Graphic design, visualisation stimulus not included. This can be arranged for an additional fee if desired.
  • Consumer research – both qualitative and quantitative is not included. Mr-Innovation can make recommendations and support in the research brief for an additional fee.
  • Prices excl GST, travel & accommodation (where applicable)
  • Prices valid until October 2016. Mr-Innovation reserves the right to change pricing from this date.