Gold Workshop

Gold Workshop


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  • This is perfect for when you need to generate winning ideas for new products or brands that will stand out in the marketplace
  • We use your insights and brand data to create innovation platforms before the workshop. We’ll then run a super creative 1 day workshop with you to generate fresh, breakthrough ideas
  • Includes:
    • Data mining and platform creation
    • Pre-Workshop briefing
    • Pre-Workshop organisation (defining objectives and structure of the session, input into participant list, session stimulus & venue selection, sending out invites
    • 1 day Workshop at clients venue
    • Wrap up and next steps defined in workshop

Contact us about

  • Our customised workshops!
  • The Mr-Innovation Supreme Support – where we work with you on your key breakthrough innovation project as one of the team.


The fine print:

  • Graphic design, visualisation stimulus not included. This can be arranged for an additional fee if desired.
  • Consumer research – both qualitative and quantitative is not included. Mr-Innovation can make recommendations and support in the research brief for an additional fee.
  • Prices excl GST, travel & accommodation (where applicable)
  • Prices valid until October 2016. Mr-Innovation reserves the right to change pricing from this date.