Our team is driven by innovation and focussed on action.

Leveraging an innovative approach to team set up, we can tap into a worldwide network of highly skilled and very experienced consultants, enabling us to handle any project.


the-teamFounder & Director: Gary Burdett

  • Gary has over 20 years of global marketing and innovation experience in blue chip companies.


  • He has worked client side on some of the worlds most iconic brands, such as Toblerone, Philadelphia, Milka, Aptamil, Cow&Gate.


  • His roles have included global responsibility for the innovation function: working together with R&D, operations, supply chain, the executive board and 30+ countries.


  • As a client he has hired most of the big innovation consultancies, including Whatif, Ideo, and AddedValue. He knows what they can offer and how they work.




Breakthrough Innovation Expertise:

Gary is the co-inventor of 3 worldwide patents. Patent Application Numbers: 20150368033, 20150297036, 20150320263.

Here is an example of one of the breakthrough packaging formats Gary came up with, that is now on the market:


Mr-Innovation Partner Agencies: The team at Mr-Innovation can call upon the expert support of design houses, structural packaging agencies, machine engineers and many more to help protocept and fast track product development.


Mr-Innovation Associates: Mr-Innovation has a large network of senior innovation consultants around the world to successfully drive any project.