Re-boot or Kick-start…?  

Do you need to re-boot or kick-start your company’s innovation capabilities in terms of process, people or projects?


postA new way of doing

postA brilliant breakthrough

postA 3-5 year roadmap of strategic

postOr simply a new perspective
to jump-start the team?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, contact Mr-Innovation!
We create innovation that hits the bottom line.


How it works

Instead of asking for a quote like with most agencies, we have a price list.
You know straight away what you’re paying and what you’re getting!


postThere’s no back and forwards with long winded
quotes that have taken your briefing, reworded it and
sent it back to you with a huge price tag attached!

postSimply have a look at our innovation shop window
and if you like what you see and know exactly what
you want, push the ‘Contact’ button.

postWe’ll have a quick chat to confirm the
details and we’ll start working on your
project. Easy!


What we do

We innovate. For you. The most common things we hear are:

  • “I need a breakthrough innovation, but am staring at a blank piece of paper”
  • “I have to come up with a great idea, but have a limited budget and little time”


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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to re-define how companies like yours get great innovation. Quickly.

The team at Mr-Innovation have worked both client side and as consultants. We know what works and how things tick internally. It’s not just about


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The Team

Our team is driven by innovation and focussed on action.

Leveraging an innovative approach to team set up, we can tap into a worldwide network of highly skilled consultants, enabling us to handle any project.


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